this is the most beautiful and amazing thing i have ever read in my entire life and it makes me so so happy

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Movie Theaters in South India | Stefanie Zoche

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*sexy messy hair* *spills martini on my child*

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  • me (dating a girl named liz and also taking a delicious lasagna out of the oven): hey anyone want some liz on ya? well you can't, she's mine. hahahaha. okay liz you can go home now I only dated you to make that joke

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danny devito is almost perfectly symmetrical. one of the most beautiful sights in nature

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The Passerby by Geoff Harrison

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under socialism everyone has to wear black skinny jeans. thats what socialism is. that is all marx was ever trying to say

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Visitors of diverse nationalities crowd a casino roulette table in Swaziland, 1969.Photograph by Volkmar K. Wentzel, National Geographic Creative


Approaching shadow by Fan Ho, 1956

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Switching it up: White on the floors, wood on the walls

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